WWE Hates His WWE 2K19 Character Design, Calls Out Developers

Randy Orton is not the kind of guy to keep his feelings bottled up. That's why WWE 2K19 now knows exactly what The Viper thinks about his likeness on this year's game.

WWE 2K19 is now available to everyone which means that the verdicts, reviews, and judgment on this year's offering can officially begin. Like any franchise that releases games annually, it's mostly about tweaks, patches, and updated rosters. Fans expect other improvements too though, which only seems fair.

Kudos to WWE 2K, judging by the trailers and announcements the new game seems to have a lot of new additions and changes. The career mode has already been lauded as one of the best yet. However, there will inevitably be pitfalls. Areas that fans constantly ask to be focussed on yet the game's developers continually ignore. The appearance of some of their favorite Superstars is one of those things.


Annoying fans with lazy attempts at WWE Superstar appearances is one thing. If The wrestler takes offense at how they look and makes their opinion public, you know you've screwed up. Randy Orton clearly got a good look at the WWE 2K19 version of himself over the weekend, and he is not happy with the end result. We can see why too.

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WOW #wwe2k19 f@ck you too!

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The Viper posted a close up of his character's face on the game. Suffice to say even though you can sort of tell who it is, the likeness isn't great. His eyes are crossed for starters, not something we recall ever seeing Orton do. The caption on the photo posted by Orton to Instagram simply reads "WOW #wwe2k19 f@ck you too!" The Apex Predator must have missed the day WWE 2K came in to scan Superstars' faces.

Orton isn't the only Superstar who isn't happy with their WWE 2K likeness. When the first images of how Lana will look on the game were released, The Ravishing Russian was less than pleased. For some reason, 2K has put Lana in gear that she has never worn to the ring and also given her short hair. She pointed out that she always wrestles with long hair. Maybe it's time for WWE to find a video game developer that will pay more attention to detail.


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