Did Randy Orton Just Hint At Bray Wyatt Storyline Twist? Austin Involved?

Randy Orton just called out The Fiend (Bray Wyatt) on Twitter for a post that referenced the same Sister Abigail Orton was sure he'd destroyed. Inside the two posts by the WWE Superstars, was there a hint dropped that might include Steve Austin?

This may become a storyline and it may go nowhere, but Randy Orton seems to be having a little fun with Bray Wyatt while potentially revealing big news when it comes to Wyatt's character. It wasn't long ago Orton and Wyatt battled in a long and ugly feud. As part of that war, Orton destroyed Wyatt's barn in a House of Horrors Match. When the barn went down, it was believed that Sister Abigail went down with it.

A recent tweet by Bray Wyatt might suggest otherwise.

With the return of Wyatt to WWE under a somewhat altered gimmick, he's made segments known as The Firefly Funhouse one of the most popular segments on Raw and SmackDown Live. His Fiend character that has developed from those skits is a huge hit with fans. However, while Abby the Witch exists as a puppet within that Funhouse world, there's been no appearance of Sister Abigail.

In an interesting turn of events, a social media post by Wyatt on Sunday quoted Sister Abigail when Wyatt wrote, "A rattlesnakes skins’ the same color as the leaves, she said. You gotta get them before they get you."

This tweet could be referring to many things. Orton is known as the Viper so a snake reference makes some sense. More likely, it has nothing to do with Orton and a rattlesnake might have to do with Steve Austin, who will be a guest moderator on Monday's Raw. Austin will be showing up to ensure the contract is signed between Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman. Coincidentally, Wyatt is challenging the winner of that match at Hell in a Cell. Could The Fiend have something planned for the Texas RattleSnake?

Regardless of why the tweet was sent, Orton took interest in the fact that it was a quote from Sister Abigail. He replied to Wyatt's tweet and said, "Wait.....wasn’t sister Abby in that barn of yours I burnt down??? You mean to tell me we put ourselves and the entire world through a house of horrors match and she’s still around?"

A Hole in The Wyatt Storyline or a Hint?

Is this a goof-up by Wyatt? His promos and skits are so well planned that one has to believe he would never overlook something like this. Is this a quote from the past and Sister Abigail is still gone? Or, is he referencing that she may not be dead after all?

If The Fiend has something in store for Austin, this is huge. If Sister Abigail is still around and talking to Wyatt, this is also pretty big news. It's odd that it was dropped late Sunday night when fewer people might have been paying attention.

Let's hope Orton and Wyatt know something we don't.

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