Raw Recap, Reactions, & Biggest Moments- Run, Corbin, Run

Before the majority of the WWE locker room returned to the US from Saudi Arabia, they had to stop off for some shows in Europe. That included Monday night's Raw which aired from Manchester, England. Coming off the back of what was, let's call it an interesting Crown Jewel, we were intrigued to see what WWE had planned for the red brand. We would recommend forgetting it ever happened and shifting all of the booking focus to Survivor Series, but that's just us.


This week's Raw opened with the majority of the red roster stood on the stage and security surrounding the ring. The Superstars were present so Baron Corbin could make some Survivor Series announcements. The security was to protect him from Braun Strowman after he cost The Monster the Universal Title at Crown Jewel. The acting GM actually announced that Braun Strowman will be on the Raw men's Survivor Series team alongside Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre. Perhaps that was why Corbin didn't want Strowman to be champion. Whether that's the case or not, an irate Strowman stormed to the ring wanting blood. Corbin managed to escape and spent the majority of the night hiding from his new nemesis.

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Corbin's other Survivor Series announcement regarded the Raw women's team. While Alexa Bliss will not be competing, she will be the team's manager. That means The Goddess has the power to handpick all five of the red brand's female participants. She started off her scouting by booking an Evolution rematch. The Riott Squad versus Bayley, Sasha Banks, and Natalya. Bliss probably didn't learn much as the match ended without a winner. Instead, it finished with Ruby Riott heartlessly snapping Nattie's late father's sunglasses in half as she watched on.

Not many of our questions about the status of The Shield have been answered since Dean Ambrose attacked Seth Rollins. Most importantly, what's the deal with the Raw Tag Team Titles? Well, we got an answer on Monday night. The Architect came to the ring with both tag team championships draped over his shoulders. Just as he was about to reveal how he can't defend them alone, Corbin cut in and corrected him. The acting GM forced Rollins to defend the titles alone against the Authors Of Pain. As good a fight as the Intercontinental Champion put up, he just couldn't beat the odds. After losing the titles to AOP, Ambrose finally showed his face. All he did was add insult to injury following his former friend's crushing defeat.


We have seen Ronda Rousey in some interesting matches so far during her short WWE career, but nothing like the one she will be in at Survivor Series. The Rowdy One will face off against the SmackDown Women's Champion and some stiff words for The Lass Kicker on Raw this week. While Rousey admitted she admires Lynch, she also reminded her of who exactly she will be going up against. Once Rousey was done, Nia Jax emerged to remind her that after Survivor Series, she'll be coming for that title. What's worrying about that for Rousey is Jax seems to have joined forces with the equally as intimidating Tamina.

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The other Survivor Series news at the start of the show related to Raw's main event. Corbin named himself the captain of the red brand's team initially. However, Kurt Angle stepped up and said he would fight him for that honor in a match. Corbin accepted, but by the end of the night, he was nowhere to be seen. Before leaving the arena to escape Strowman, he replaced himself in the match with McIntyre. Angle would have likely beaten The Lone Wolf, but McIntyre is still undefeated since his return to Raw. The Scot mocked the WWE Hall Of Famer, even using his own moves against him. In fact, in a humiliating end to the match, the Olympic gold medalist tapped out to his very own ankle lock.


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