Raw Recap, Reactions, & Biggest Moments- Let The Mind Games Begin

It may feel as if Hell In A Cell only just happened, it was only last week, and there was a point this year when WWE promised us a less congested PPV schedule, but at the time of typing this Super Show-Down is only 11 days away. Thankfully, WWE realized that building to multiple shows at a time is bad for business and this week on Raw, all the build was focused on the big show taking place in Australia in a week and a half. Plus, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H were in attendance for the evening, and you can bet that the commissioner had some choice words for acting GM, Baron Corbin.


When Stephanie McMahon left Raw in the supposedly capable hands of Baron Corbin, the intention was for Monday nights to become less chaotic. That hasn't happened, and the commissioner is not happy about it. McMahon informed Corbin on this week's Raw that he needed to find himself a couple of tag partners so that they can take on The Shield in the main event. Corbin then proceeded to poke the Hounds Of Justice by interrupting their promo alongside Braun Strowman and his dogs of war. The three of them tried to convince Dean Ambrose that his Shield brothers are simply using him, but The Lunatic couldn't be tempted to the dark side, for now anyway.

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At WWE Super Show-Down in less than two weeks time, The Bella Twins will team with Ronda Rousey to take on The Riott Squad. This past Monday on Raw, with Rousey away, Natalya took her place in a sort of warm-up match. Unfortunately, a stiff and misplaced kick from Brie Bella to the face of Liv Morgan threw the match into disarray somewhat. Morgan tried to carry on but was clearly hurt, and eventually had to return to the locker room for treatment. That left her partners in a handicap match, but they still managed to win. Nikki and Brie will be hoping Nattie was the weak link, and that when Rousey is their partner they will have no such issue.


When Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre got a shot at the Raw Tag Team Titles a few weeks ago, they did so by first taking out the rightful number one contenders, The Revival. We haven't seen Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder since then until this past Monday on Raw. The former NXT Tag Team Champions finally got the shot they deserved, except it was obviously against the new champions Ziggler and McIntyre as opposed to former champions The B-Team. Despite the bigger challenge, there were a number of moments where The Revival looked to have things wrapped up, taking advantage of a weary Showoff. Once McIntyre got the tag, however, it was game over, the Claymore into a Zig Zag finishing things off.

Bobby Lashley's new hype man, Lio Rush almost fell foul of Kevin Owens and Elias last week on Raw. This week, his two new enemies tried to coax the cruiserweight down to the ring for a Kevin Owens Show segment prior to The Drifter's rematch with Lashley. Rush neglected to take up the invite and instead watched on from ringside as his buddy took on Elias. A relatively long match ended when KO inadvertently clashed with Lashley outside the ring when he was trying to get his hands on the 23-year-old piece of gold. He and Elias eventually did get their hands on Rush, but Lashley came to his rescue once again. Probably a good thing as an apron powerbomb to the 205 Live Superstar would be absolutely brutal.

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The mind games involving Ambrose continued throughout the night with Seth Rollins even trying to convince McIntyre that Ziggler is, in fact, dragging him down. Come main event time though, there was no doubting where The Lunatic's loyalties lie. Corbin selected the Authors Of Pain to be his partners for the match, and Ambrose did a lot of the heavy lifting in a hard-hitting matchup while his fellow Hounds Of Justice were down and out. Reigns came to the rescue just in time to pick up the win and after the match, Ambrose found himself laid out midway between The Shield and their Super Show-Down opponents. Like a dog trying to pick between its two owners, the former WWE Champion had to align with whoever he trusted, and of course, he stuck with The Shield. However, maybe the cracks are already beginning to show.


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