Raw Recap & Reactions- Ronda Rousey Is Ready For SummerSlam

WWE is on the fast track to SummerSlam and on Monday night that track ran right through Jacksonville, Florida. When the men and women of WWE arrive in Brooklyn twelve days from now, Ronda Rousey will be getting her shot at Alexa Bliss and the Raw Women's Title. This week though, The Rowdy One made her in-ring debut on Raw versus Alicia Fox. There was also the not so small matter of General Manager, Kurt Angle needing to address the actions of Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar last week, and that's where the evening began.


Angle came to the ring flanked by Constable Corbin and just as it sounded as if the GM was going to dole out a punishment to the once again absent Beast Incarnate, Roman Reigns cut him off. The Big Dog had the same worry as the rest of us, that WWE was going to suspend Lesnar and put the SummerSlam main event in jeopardy. Thankfully, that isn't happening. When Angle revealed that he would be openly backing Reigns at SummerSlam, that was too much for Corbin to take. All the constable's unpopular opinion earned him though was a match versus Reigns at that very moment.

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Despite the fact that The Lone Wolf now has to wrestle in a shirt and formal trousers, much like the new mayor of Knox County Kane did during his corporate days, he put in a good showing against Reigns. When the tide started to turn, however, the constable tucked tail and ran for the hills. Unfortunately for him, his nemesis Finn Balor was waiting for him in the entrance way. With nowhere to go, The Big Dog came to collect and put an end to the match in the way that we had all been expecting.


Believe it or not, both Kevin Owens and Jinder Mahal have defeated Braun Strowman recently. Yes, the former was only because Strowman threw him off the top of a cage and the latter was via count-out, but that didn't stop KO gleefully highlighting the fact when Mahal was his guest on The Kevin Owens Show this Monday night. The two of them laughed it up and Owens even issued a challenge to The Monster Among Men on behalf of his guest. Strowman's music didn't hit. Instead, the makeshift stage KO and Mahal were sat on started to shift. Yes, you guessed it, the Monster In The Bank was underneath it. He tipped it, despite the fact three men were on it and made his way to the ring for his rematch.

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Mahal reluctantly joined Strowman in the ring, perhaps buoyed by the fact that he already has one win over him. Well, you can now make that two. KO attempted to steal Strowman's MITB briefcase while he was distracted in the ring and, naturally, the big man went after him. He didn't get counted out this time though. The Monster lost his temper and hit KO with the briefcase, resulting in a disqualification. A little bizarre considering Owens wasn't a part of the match but nevertheless, that's another loss for The Monster Among Men.

Seth Rollins' problems with Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler continued on Raw this past Monday. The night did not unfold how The Architect likely envisioned though. The former Intercontinental Champion needed to find himself a partner for the evening to take on his foes and even though he had already competed earlier, Reigns obliged. However, Stephanie McMahon called Angle and informed him that Reigns competing twice in one night would put the SummerSlam main event in jeopardy. That left Rollins without a partner and despite a valiant effort, he eventually succumbed to Ziggler and McIntyre, the former laying him out for good with a superkick.


The last thing we saw before Raw went off the air last week was Lesnar delivering an F5 to Angle before looking like he was about to do the same to his advocate, Paul Heyman. The Beast was nowhere to be seen this week, but Heyman was. The Universal Champion's right-hand man sat down with Renee Young and fought back tears as he explained that he hasn't heard from his client since last week and described his sixteen-year friendship with The Beast. It was an Oscar-worthy performance during which Heyman proclaimed that Reigns has no chance of beating this ruthless and driven version of Lesnar at SummerSlam.

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There was only ever going to be one main event on Monday night, Rousey's first-ever match on Raw versus Alicia Fox. The bout actually went longer than most fans were likely expecting, but that's only because of outside interference from Alexa Bliss. The Raw Women's Champion did her level best to help out Fox, but in the end, had to stand on the sidelines and watch Rousey throw her around like a rag doll. As soon as The Rowdy One locked in the armbar, it was game over. Bliss then had the rather stupid idea of trying to attack Rousey after the match. Bad move and she nearly ended up in an armbar of her own. Raw went off the air with Rousey proclaiming that at SummerSlam, Bliss's title will be hers, and at this point, it is hard to see any other outcome.


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