Raw Reunion: Unadvertised Returning Star Opens The Show

Despite almost 40 returning Superstars being announced for Raw Reunion, the man who opened the show was an unadvertised name we don't see all too often.

The last time Raw had a massive show featuring dozens of Superstars from the past, Stone Cold opened the show. As soon as Michael Cole was done with Raw Reunion's introductions, we fully expected to hear that glass break this time around too. However, we'd have to wait until later for that.

Instead, a Superstar who wasn't even on the very long list of advertised names for the show was the first to hit the ring. John Cena. There had been rumblings that Cena would be at the show, and the 16-time World Champion even hinted at it himself during an interview last week. Cena might be semi-retired from wrestling, but we should have known he wouldn't miss an event as big as this.

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Cena gave the usual speel, calling WWE home and then attempting to take his leave. However, The Usos weren't going to let him get off that easy. Jey and Jimmy challenged Cena to a rap battle, something they would soon regret. The Franchise Player is pretty much untouchable on the mic, something he proved for the 1000th time on Raw when he dropped a couple of rhymes about The Usos' run-ins with the law.

Cena then attempted to leave again. However, this time, he was stopped by The Usos' Hall Of Fame father, Rikishi. As all four men were about to bust-a-move in the ring, they were interrupted by The Revival. Dash and Dawson also had a HOFer in tow, D-Von Dudley. With that, a match broke out. Not between the legends, but just The Usos and The Revival.

As if all of those returning stars wasn't enough for one segment, Booker T then joined the commentary team for the match. Considering the number of legends backstage, WWE was always going to have a job on their hands to get everyone some screen time. Squeezing in three, plus the unadvertised Cena during the night's first match is certainly a good start.

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