Raw Reunion: Former WWE Champion Shows Up Unannounced To Help Rey Mysterio

As if all the stars advertised for the Raw Reunion, plus John Cena, weren't enough, WWE also threw in Rob Van Dam for good measure.

There was once a time when Vince McMahon made fun of rival promotions fro relying on aged Superstars and former glories. The chairman clearly doesn't remember those times as he often places more faith in his retired and returning Superstars than he does in his current, fulltime ones.

There is perhaps no better example of that than the Raw Reunion that took place on Monday night. An obvious attempt to spike ratings by bringing back faces from the past, even if that rating lasts for one night only. Almost 40 returning stars advertised, plus an unadvertised John Cena opened the show, getting a terrific reaction from the Tampa crowd.

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It turns out Cena wasn't the only unadvertised star who would show his face at the Raw Reunion. As Sami Zayn tried to escape from his match with Rey Mysterio, Rob Van Dam's music started to play. He was closely followed by Sergeant Slaughter, Kurt Angle, and The Hurricane, all of whom were advertised for the show, unlike RVD. The quartet forced Zayn back into the ring where Mysterio was able to finish him off.

If you happened to be scrolling through Twitter before RVD's surprise appearance at the Raw Reunion, him showing up might not have been such a shock to you. That's because a photo taken by a fan of the merch stand at the show was doing the rounds. WWE was selling RVD-themed foam fingers. Talk about showing your hand. If you steered clear of social media during the show, his showing up will have been a pleasant surprise.

At the time of typing this, the Raw Reunion is still in full swing and even though we have seen a lot of returning stars thus far, there are still a lot more to come. Cena, RVD, and Angle might have already been, but the likes of Stone Cold, Hulk Hogan, and Ric Flair are still to come. Plus, keep your eyes on that 24/7 Title. We are keen to find out who will have that championship once the show comes to a close.

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