The Reason Behind Braun Strowman's Shoulder Spot On Drew McIntyre

Braun Strowman delivering a massive shoulder tackle to Drew McIntyre on Raw may have been more than just a really cool spot.

There are a few problems with being labeled an unbeatable giant in WWE. First of all, once you've run through the whole roster where do you go from there? Plus, when that first loss does come it can take away a lot of the mystique. The balance between the above two problems is one that is hard to find, and a line that WWE creative is currently walking with Braun Strowman.

Yes, The Monster Among Men has lost matches in the past, but he is very much a dominant force on Raw right now. What's worrying is that he already doesn't have much direction when it comes to his current booking. Hopefully, that's all about to change though. Strowman clashed with Drew McIntyre on Monday night, and the meeting of the two was made out to be a big deal.


It began when both men were tagged in by their respective partners, but at that point, McIntyre didn't seem to fancy his chances. Later in the match, Strowman got sick of waiting to get his hands on the former NXT Champion, so he went after him outside the ring. The Monster ran full speed around the ring and took McIntyre out with one of his massive shoulder tackles.

The two behemoths colliding like that naturally made for quite the incident. In fact, while that was going on, Dolph Ziggler rolled up Finn Balor for the win. The Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer speculated that the McIntyre shoulder tackle happened so that both men were taken out of the match. Strowman has never used the move on someone that big before, which is why it also took him out of the match when he delivered it.

Braun Strowman vs Drew McIntyre appears to be one of those matches we didn't know we wanted until we saw it in front of our faces. Now the prospect of the two of them going head to head is mouth-watering. It might not happen right away though. A lot of time is being invested in the team of McIntyre and Ziggler, and they will likely be getting a Tag Team Title shot sometime soon.


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The Reason Behind Braun Strowman's Shoulder Spot On Drew McIntyre