Reby Hardy Reacts To Michael Cole's Comments About Her Son

Michael Cole has been insulting the entire Hardy family on Raw each week, and the latest target of his jibes was the youngest of them all, Wolfgang.

Since Matt Hardy became Woken on Raw, the only rival he has really had is Bray Wyatt. Well now, The Eater Of Worlds is Hardy's partner of course, and together they're the Raw Tag Team Champions. Since then, neither Hardy nor Wyatt have had any real rivals to speak of, and it's unclear who exactly will be stepping up to challenge them for their championships.

The whole time that Hardy has been Woken, however, he has had a rather unexpected Raw employee basically making fun of him. That employee is Michael Cole. Clearly, the veteran announcer is being told by Vince McMahon to act as if he flat out doesn't understand Matt Hardy and his Woken Universe. That has led to him making less than stellar comments about members of the Hardy family.


Senor Benjamin, the man who prepares Hardy's battlefields, has been the butt of many of Cole's jokes, but this past Monday he aimed his insults at someone else, Wolfgang. Wolfgang is the youngest of Hardy's two sons, and his mom,Reby, has not taken kindly to the comments. Cole referred to Wolfgang as the "bald-headed kid." Sure it might be accurate, but it's the way he said it.

A fan on Twitter asked Reby when she's "going to step up the OBSOLETE MULE known as Michael Cole?" She simply replied "plans in motion." An interesting response considering we are yet to see Reby on Raw. In fact, the only appearance that the rest of the Hardy clan have made on WWE TV since Matt became Woken, was during The Ultimate Deletion. Perhaps another match like that is in the pipeline.

Where this Michael Cole angle could be going is anyone's guess. Knowing WWE's creative team and McMahon, it might very well not be going anywhere at all. Just because Hardy has been reacting to Cole on Twitter, it doesn't mean that the rivalry will come to fruition on TV. The last time the announcer was an on-screen personality it didn't exactly make for the best storylines in the world.


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