Remember When: Kenny Omega, Daniel Bryan, & Seth Rollins Competed In A Triple Threat Match

Kenny Omega, Daniel Bryan, and Seth Rollins are three of the best wrestlers in the world. More than 10 years ago, they all competed in the same match.

There is no real way of knowing who the best wrestler in the world is at any one time. Professional wrestling isn't like any other sport. Due to its results being pre-determined, it isn't simply a case of pitting number one against number two and seeing who wins. So much more comes into play and it makes the process a very subjective one.

That being said, if you asked any current fan to reel off a list right now, most of them would probably be incredibly similar. The names Kenny Omega, Seth Rollins, and Daniel Bryan would probably be on almost all of them. A dream match on a big stage between all three would be a sight to behold. However, did you know, that match has actually already happened?

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In November of 2008, at Ring Of Honor's Bound By Hate, Omega, Rollins, and Bryan competed in a triple threat match. Well, at that time, Rollins was known as Tyler Black and Bryan was Bryan Danielson. Despite it taking place more than a decade ago, you can see for yourselves below that all three men were incredible performers, even by that point.

Bryan wins the match by making Omega tap out, something we sincerely hope he harks back to should the pair of them ever end up in WWE or AEW at the same time. Bryan also beat Omega one on one at a PWG show a few months after the match above, so the former WWE Champion has plenty of ammo to hold over The Cleaner's head should the pair's paths ever cross again.

Annoyingly, at this moment in time, it doesn't seem like we will ever get a rematch of the triple threat above. Omega is just starting out in AEW, Rollins has shown that he is an incredibly loyal WWE guy in recent weeks, and as for Bryan, we're not sure how long it'll be until he hangs up his wrestling boots for good. You can never say never in wrestling, though. A lot will change come October of this year, and who knows what the industry's landscape will look like in 2020?

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