Remember When: CM Punk, Eddie Guerrero, &Rey Mysterio Had A Triple Threat Match

We used to think CM Punk, Eddie Guerrero, and Rey Mysterio in the same match could only happen in our heads, but apparently not.

Despite the massive amount of wrestling that fans are being treated to right now, some of us can't help but fantasy book. You would think between WWE, AEW, ROH, New Japan, and every other promotion on the planet right now, we'd be covered for pretty much every match we could possibly want to see. That is definitely not the case.

It obviously never will be, of course, since most of dream match fantasy booking includes wrestlers who are no longer with us or have since retired. The Undertaker versus Sting, or Ric Flair up against Seth Rollins. We just came up with that second one, but think that the two of them squaring off in their prime would be pretty incredible.

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We don't normally fantasy book triple threat matches, but how does the idea of Eddie Guerrero versus Rey Mysterio versus CM Punk grab you? Pretty awesome, right? Well, you can watch that match right now. Not on WWE 2K, not in claymation, but for real in the video below. It happened all the way back in 2002 not long after Punk had broken into the business.

The match took place in an independent promotion called IWA Mid-South. It was effectively fate that brought the trio together for the match. As we mentioned above, Punk had not been wrestling long. That'll be why he took the fall to Guerrero, who was from hiatus from WWE at the time. Meanwhile, a maskless Mysterio hadn't even wrestled his first match for Vince McMahon yet. That wouldn't happen until later that same year.

It might not have been when all three men were at their peak, but it is still pretty incredible to think this match happened. Plus, it could be argued that two of the three competitors were at the top of their game. Guerrero would be WWE Champion two years later, and Mysterio had already been wrestling for more than a decade. Fast forward to 2019, and only one of them is still in the ring.

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