Renee Young Claps Back At "Fans" Who Think She Should Be Replaced

Renee Young has reacted to fans on social media who claim she isn't good enough to be part of the Raw announce team.

Being a wrestling commentator is a pretty thankless job, especially in WWE. Once they're done having Vince McMahon scream at them for three hours or more, they check their Twitter to find fans picking apart how their evening went. Even Jim Ross, who is largely considered the greatest wrestling announcer of all time, is criticized on a regular basis in the present day.

Harking back to the McMahon point, that is something fans often forget, or perhaps don't know. Every time you think to yourself, "why would Michael Cole say that? What an idiot!" remember it isn't him saying it, it's the boss. We can't even imagine how difficult it must be for newer faces to the announce desk such as Renee Young.

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Plus, Young is slated more than most on social media. Some fans seem to have a real issue with her occupying a position behind Raw's announce desk. Over the weekend, Young responded to those critics. Young first responded to more criticism with a simple "and the checks keep coming in." However, after even more derogatory tweets, she decided to reply properly and in more detail.

Young admitted that she knows she's not great at commentary, but is working on improving every week. "So I should just quit? What would that say about me? Not easy to learn a skill on a gigantic global tv show," she wrote. Pretty hard to argue with. We think Young is not only really good at what she does, but has come a long way in the relatively short time she has been on Raw.

We're not the only ones either. Her peers from the business have leaped to her defense, including Nia Jax, Paige, and Natalya. Perhaps the most glowing praise came from a man who sat behind a WWE announce desk for more than eight years, Taz. The former ECW Champion quoted Young's tweet and wrote that she brings a much-needed professional female perspective to the show. Well said.

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