Renee Young Responds To Accusations She Dropped An F-Bomb During Extreme Rules

It sounded an awful lot like Renee Young said a very naughty word during Extreme Rules. However, Young is claiming she said nothing of the sort.

Extreme Rules took place on Sunday night. Those of you who managed to watch all 12 matches along with us deserve a round of applause. WWE's main roster cards continue to be a far cry from their NXT counterparts. Not just on the quality front, but from a quantity perspective too. 12 matches is too many for WrestleMania, let alone Extreme Rules.

On the bright side, thanks to the WWE Network, fans can tune in an out at their leisure. WWE's commentators don't have that luxury. Poor Corey Graves has to sit there all night long due to him being on both brands. Fair play to the current crop of announcers, they don't tend to let their enthusiasm flag as the night goes on.

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That being said, Renee Young had some fans thinking she got a little overexcited during Extreme Rules' opening match. As The Undertaker punished Shane McMahon in the corner of the ring, it sounded as if Young exclaimed "Shane's f****d!" Twitter naturally went into a frenzy right away and if you want to watch the clip yourself, you can do so by clicking here.

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We have listened to the clip about 20 times now and we could not for the life of us think what Young was trying to say other than exactly what it sounds like. However, the raw announcer has spoken up and explained what it was she said. In reply to one of the many videos of the clip, Young simply replied, "rocked." Yeah, we're not sure we believe you, Renee.

If WWE doesn't believe that Young said rocked and not, you know, the word it sounds like she's saying, the Canadian will at least have a defense. It has only been two weeks since her announce partner Corey Graves yelled what was clearly a planned profanity on live TV. Granted, it wasn't nearly as offensive a word as the one it sounds as if Young said at Extreme Rules, but the defense is there should she need it.

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