[Report] Aleister Black, Andrade and Zelina Vega Back On SmackDown Live

WWE.com has moved the profiles of Andrade, Zelina Vega and Aleister Black back to the SmackDown Superstars page, suggesting all three have been moved to the blue brand.

Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that Aleister Black is switching nights after it was first reported he'd be officially part of Raw moving forward and Andrade and Zelina Vega are moving back to SmackDown Live, despite being drafted to Raw in the Superstar Shake-Up just last week.

No reason for the move has been noted by WWE and an official announcement hasn't been made of this writing but on WWE.com, all three Superstars are on the SmackDown Live superstars list. For whatever reason, it appears a decision has been made internally and the company has changed their minds when it comes to some of the moves they made last week.

It could be an error by the folks responsible for WWE.com's pages but Black's profile picture on Facebook has also changed from a red background to a blue one suggesting there is accuracy in the report. Black has not commented on social media regarding the rumors of any change.

What This Means

There could be many reasons for the changes if they come to pass but among the speculated reasons will be that all these competitors have connections to each other outside of the ring. Black and Vega are married which could be why both are moving together and Andrade is in a relationship with Charlotte Flair. Perhaps this move has something to do with these four all staying together.

It will be interesting to see who else moves because logic would suggest moving three stars to SmackDown and not bringing anyone to Raw isn't a fair trade for the red brand. That said, one star we do expect to debut tonight is Samoa Joe.

Hopefully, if WWE is changing its mind about things they did last week, fans will watch for a name change of The Viking Experience back to War Raiders, even though that is unlikely.

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