[Report] Becoming Clear Which Raw Moments Were Paul Heyman Ideas

A report by the Wrestling Observer is clearing up which segments on Raw this week were Paul Heyman ideas and it makes sense considering his history with shocking storylines and memorable moments.

As if it were much of a puzzle.

Of the many moments on Raw that received immediate attention, none were bigger than the stage collapse during the Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley match. Running a close second was the storyline of Maria Kanellis' pregnancy announcement. According to a report by both of those ideas were ideas of new RAW Executive Director Paul Heyman, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

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Add to that, the appearance by The Street Profits and including Ricochet in the Club reunion segment were Heyman additions as well. Both United States Champion Ricochet and The Street Profits are expected to make more regular showings on Raw, even though the NXT Tag Champions are still considered the property of NXT.

The report also suggests Heyman and Eric Bischoff were brought in because the public perception is supposed to help the negative reaction from Wall Street in the declining indicators of brand popularity, such as merchandise sales, arena attendance, and WWE Network numbers. All stats are down based on the numbers from the year before.

What This Means

It's difficult to say how much pull each of Bischoff or Heyman have, or if this is a public appearance ploy by WWE, but the shows were clearly different. Both were also better received and, at least on Raw, Heyman looks to have some say in the creative and Vince is listening.

That's good news for WWE fans who like the stage explosion, the Street Profits, the Club reunion, and the pregnancy angle because it appears the WWE Universe is going to get more of that.

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