[Report] NXT Announcer Percy Watson Leaving WWE

While not confirmed by WWE, it appears NXT announcer Percy Watson is leaving the company to pursue other endeavors. Watson is often viewed as the third of a trio of NXT announcers.

The original report comes from Squared Circle Sirens' Casey Michael. Whether it's a lack of opportunity or just a desire to do something else, he has suddenly decided to move on from WWE. After the initial report, the Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer confirming the story.

Speculation is that Watson hasn't been keenly interested in staying involved in the wrestling business and would instead like to pursue a career in acting. While it's noble to go after any dream, some will wonder if it was wise to give up on a pretty good gig with potential for advancement. That said, Watson, while improving, was not among WWE's top announcers.

Initially, Watson was signed to a WWE developmental deal in 2009. He was a cast member of the original NXT under MVP. One of the things that made him stand out were huge red glasses he wore, but he wasn't a standout as a wrestler. He was released in 2013 but brought back as an announcer.

With Mauro Ranallo and Nigel McGuinness doing most of the talking at the announce table, Watson wasn't much of a standout on commentary either. It could be that he felt under-used but, fellow announcer Mauro Ranallo sent a special message out to Watson on Saturday when he wrote:

My man is class personified . His commitment to growing as an announcer was commendable. He will excel in any future endeavors. Thanks for being a great broadcast partner.

What This Means

It won't be difficult for WWE and NXT to find someone to replace Watson, should they choose to. With Ranallo rumored to have signed a new deal recently, the chances of him leaving as the lead announcer was slim and all NXT needs to do is find someone to back him up.

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