[Report]: Bray Wyatt Return Imminent, First Return Feud With...?

As per a report by Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, Bray Wyatt is scheduled to make his in-ring return "any day now". Who will he feud with?

For fans who have noticed WWE hasn't aired a Firefly Fun House segment on Raw or SmackDown in approximately one month, there's a good reason. For other fans who have noticed that only one Firefly Fun House character has been showing up on Raw (last night it was Huskus the Pig), there's a good reason for that too. Wyatt is scheduled to return to Raw imminently.

Wyatt has been backstage for recent WWE TV tapings and is ready to roll. WWE is just waiting for the right moment to bring him back on live tv and, from what it sounds like, still trying to decide who he'll have a program with upon his return.

It will be interesting to see who WWE chooses to have Wyatt feud with. The assumption is that he'll be a heel upon his return, but it could be that WWE wants to make him a conflicted babyface. The idea being that he's a character trying to do good but doesn't have a handle on his inner demon "The Fiend" like he believes he does.

Over time, as Wyatt leans more towards the darker side, he'll become a heel character.

What This Means

Whatever WWE decides to go, Wyatt is going to need to be booked strong and the message will need to be relayed to Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff who will be largely responsible for working with Wyatt to make his vision (and WWE's vision) for the character come to life as he wrestles and is on live tv.

One of the questions I have is, will the characters be coming to the ring with him? Or, will we see the puppets slowly disappear as we've seen the episodes of Firefly Fun House go away?

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