[Report] WWE Tag Team Has Agreed To New 5-Yr Contract Extensions

A recent report indicates The Good Brothers Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows have agreed to contract extensions with WWE.

Earlier in the week is was being reported that the duo had agreed to terms with WWE on a new five-year deal, but it wasn't clear if those extensions were officially signed. This weekend, Wrestler Observer Radio updated the report to say the team has "absolutely signed" with WWE and Dave Meltzer reported WWE is making bigger offers than people think.

There were earlier reports the tag team had declined respectable deals in the neighborhood $500,000 per year but this update suggests the contract extensions are worth much more than that. No numbers have been released but it seems clear WWE is not interested in losing any recognizable names right now.

If this is the case, expect other contract signings to be announced soon as many of the unhappy talents in WWE may see the promise that things are changing now with new Executive Directors running the company's two biggest shows.

For Good Brothers fans, they'll be happy to hear the team is finally getting the push they deserve.

What This Means

Earlier this week, WWE put The Club, The Good Brothers and AJ Styles, reunited on Raw and took out Ricochet in one of the highest-rated and most entertaining parts of the show. An AJ Styles heel turn has everyone talking and it appears this new faction will get a lot of tv time on WWE's flagship show now being overseen by Paul Heyman.

WWE is teasing the idea of The Club taking over Raw which has people excited about the idea that another former Club member, Finn Balor, might join the group.

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