Rey Mysterio Files Two Trademarks Ahead Of WWE Return

Rey Mysterio has filed for two trademarks before he makes his official WWE return next week on SmackDown 1000.

Rey Mysterio's permanent WWE return has been a longer saga than most of us likely expected it to be. The luchador made a surprise return for one night only during this year's Royal Rumble match. Then, three months later, he also appeared in the Greatest Royal Rumble match in Saudi Arabia. Following that, it was rumored that Mysterio would actually be returning on a more permanent basis.

That day is now upon us, almost. Mysterio has signed a new contract with WWE and this coming Tuesday on SmackDown 1000, he will return to television. Not just that, but he will also be performing in the ring versus Shinsuke Nakamura in a WWE World Cup qualifying match. It will be Mysterio's first singles match in WWE for four and a half years.


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Mysterio is clearly not taking his WWE return lightly. According to PWInsider, the former World Champion has filed two trademarks relating to his mask ahead of his comeback. The Mexican Superstar has filed trademarks for "The Greatest Mask Of All Time" and also the acronym for that, "GMOAT." Presumably, those will both be printed on his gear in some way, hence him deciding to file trademarks for them.

Judging by the initial report from PWInsider, it seems as if Mysterio has filed for the trademarks himself as opposed to WWE doing it on his behalf. That's interesting due to the fact that WWE has been burned recently when it comes to trademarks. MLW beat them to the punch when it comes to the WarGames name. WWE responded by registering trademarks for pretty much everything else created by WCW.

Mysterio isn't renowned for butting heads with his employers, but it's likely that WWE had to sweeten his deal to get what they wanted. Apparently, Mysterio's arrival was held up because of a dispute when it comes to contract length. WWE reportedly won that battle, and perhaps they did so by tweaking the way Mysterio's new WWE merch deal will work. He owns his trademarks, or the new ones at least, and maybe has other things working in his favor when it comes to new merch.


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