New Matchups Rey Mysterio Needs After Returning To WWE

After a lot of rumors, speculation, and negotiating, Rey Mysterio is once again a WWE Superstar. The legendary luchador has already made a couple of appearances for the promotion in 2018, during the Royal Rumble and Greatest Royal Rumble matches, and will also feature as a downloadable character on WWE 2K19. However, despite his desire to return and rumored want to see out his career in WWE, a permanent deal could not be reached, until now. Mysterio is once again a WWE Superstar and although we don't know what's planned for him just yet, that won't stop us from dreaming and fantasy booking.

Even though Mysterio has only just signed for WWE, it has been a busy year for him in the business. On top of those big WWE appearances, he wrestled in the main event of All In and also made his New Japan Pro Wrestling debut. He will be giving up a lot of potential dream matches by returning to WWE, though. Bouts with Kenny Omega, Kazuchika Okada, and maybe even Chris Jericho still on the table. His time in WWE could reportedly be as short as 18 months though, plus you never know who is going to show up in WWE.

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On to Mysterio's immediate future for now, and speculating on where he might land in WWE. When it comes to returning stars, Raw is normally the place they're going to show up. Billion dollar deal or not, it is still the flagship show. Don't despair though, and instead think of the potential dream matches the former WWE Champion could have on Monday nights. Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, we even think he could put on quite the show in a Universal Title match versus Roman Reigns. The one man who stands out for us on Raw, however, is Seth Rollins. Mysterio and The Kingslayer could work wonders together and if the former lands on Raw, this match simply has to happen.

Let's be honest, Rollins dream match aside, the real WWE landing point we want for Mysterio is SmackDown Live. For every dream match that's waiting for him on Raw, there's an even better one lying in wait on SmackDown Live. A showdown against his fellow luchador Andrade 'Cien' Almas, a clash of styles versus Samoa Joe, or maybe a shot of nostalgia as he takes on Jeff Hardy. Then again, wouldn't we all like to see Mysterio hold a title in WWE once again? Right now the men standing in the way of him doing that on the blue brand are Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles. Honestly, Mysterio versus either of those guys, just take all of our money right now.


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Although it's unlikely, there is a possibility that Mysterio ends up on NXT. Usually, when a Superstar returns, Vince McMahon doesn't send them to developmental, take Bobby Lashley and Maria Kanellis for example. However, Drew McIntyre was a returning star and he did spend some time at Full Sail. Again, it might not be what we imagine for Rey, but just think of the dream matches. Tomasso Ciampa, Aleister Black, and as is the theme for this article so far with one standing out above all others, Johnny Gargano. There are a lot of main roster stars fans want to see take on Gargano, and Mysterio may be about to become one of them.

What can't be ignored is what Mr. McMahon first viewed Mysterio as when he initially arrived in WWE, a cruiserweight. You may have forgotten, but WWE currently has its very own cruiserweight show, 205 Live. In our eyes, that's not good enough for Mysterio, but in WWE's eyes, the veteran might be just what 205 Live needs to get people watching. It's hard to argue that matches versus the likes of Cedric Alexander and Buddy Murphy wouldn't be pretty damn good. Let's just not make him a member of the Lucha House Party, okay WWE?

This is all fantasy booking and speculation, of course, however, we think we have covered so many bases above that at least one or two of those matches have to happen during the 18 months or more that Rey Mysterio is once again a WWE Superstar. Truth be told if our memories serve us correctly, the luchador can have a great match with just about anybody. We're happy that he's back and honestly, now we just want to see him in action.


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