Ric Flair Explains What He Liked About The Goldberg-Undertaker Match

WWE's decision to have Undertaker and Goldberg close out the Super ShowDown event last Friday has been widely criticized by countless fans and pundits, due to the poor quality and execution of the match.

There were multiple botches throughout the match, including a botched Tombstone Piledriver effort by Goldberg - where he accidentally dropped Undertaker on top of him. Not only that, but there was a porous chokeslam attempt, and Goldberg accidentally concussed himself after going headfirst into a turnbuckle.

The match was certainly forgettable for most, but WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair actually liked some parts of the match. Appearing on Busted Open Radio (h/t WrestlingInc.com), The Nature Boy offered plenty of praise for the two WWE legends.

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"They opened up hot, I loved it," Flair said. "I loved the match, up until the last minute and a half...You can say no wrong about The Undertaker, he is the talent of a lifetime. And, Bill Goldberg had arguably the greatest run of anyone for years and never had anybody spend more than a half-hour with him learning the fundamentals of the business and he pulled it off."

Of course, the expectations for this match weren't all that high. Undertaker is now 54 years of age and hadn't wrestled since the Crown Jewel event in November. For Goldberg (52), this was his first match in two years, having last competed at WrestleMania 33 in a losing effort against Brock Lesnar.

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In regards to the ages of both superstars, Flair said " not factored around age," while adding how difficult it is "to just come in and work two or three times a year." On top of that, Flair suggested that fans would have been happier with the match if Goldberg and Undertaker went on "one more minute perfect and hit it."

At any rate, WWE will continue to face some harsh criticism for putting out two superstars who hadn't wrestled in a long time. They could have easily closed out the show with either a thrilling championship match or battle royal. It doesn't help matters that Goldberg and Undertaker reportedly confronted each other backstage after the show.

What This Means

Flair made some strong points about how legendary Undertaker is, and Goldberg's Hall of Fame career shouldn't be criticized too much despite the poor match. The hope here is that WWE will realize that they shouldn't pit part-timers against each other in a main event match like this. Goldberg and Undertaker weren't expected to put on an A-plus match in the first place, so it's unfair to criticize them. This is on officials and the creative team for using Goldberg vs. Undertaker as the main event.

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