Ric Flair Shows Support For CFL Team Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Never one to shy away from a public appearance, Ric Flair was seen at a Hamilton Tiger-Cats CFL Football game pumping up the crowd. The wrestling legend and 16-time World Champion took the mic to fire up the Tiger-Cats' faithful in Hamilton ahead of the Ticats' playoff showdown against the BC Lions.

Flair was a booked guest by the team to help open their playoff game and while the immediate association between WWE and the CFL is not obvious, there were fans in attendance excited to see the Nature Boy and WWE and the Canadian Football League does have its history, including being the former home of Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson before he became a huge star.

Flair spoke with the crowd, panelists on TSN's broadcast of the game and even danced with the cheerleaders in a manner that didn't look terribly rehearsed but not unlike Flair whose character is always up for a party with some pretty ladies.

The appearance was announced some time ago and Flair himself sent a message to Tiger-Cats fans back at the end of October. Clearly psyched up to make an appearance, it's not certain how much Flair new about the team or the game, but he did his best to sell the idea that he was excited to be coming.

“Good lord I’ve had fun in Hamilton,” he says in the Ticats’ video.

Whether Flair is actually a Tiger-Cats fan or not is uncertain. He did mention his former partner Angelo 'King Kong' Mosca a number of times and Mosca has a history in the league. Still, this was more likely a chance for Flair to make a quick promotional dollar and stay in the spotlight. Clearly, TSN wasn't shy about having a bit of fun with his appearance.

Whether or not this is the kind of look fans of either WWE or the CFL want is debatable. As one Twitter user wrote, "Dunno what’s more sad: feeling need to venerate Ric frickin’ Flair before a playoff game... or Ric Flair still seeking spotlight... Not a good look for either."

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