Ric Flair Taken To Hospital Following Serious Emergency


Conrad Thompson - the son-in-law of Ric Flair - said his situation isn't "grave or serious," according to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful.com.



WWE icon and Hall of Famer Ric Flair suffered a "medical emergency" on Thursday morning and was rushed to an Atlanta hospital, according to TMZ Sports.

TMZ wasn't able to receive any further details, but they were informed that it's "very serious." Flair turned 70 years of age in February and appeared to be in good health after surviving undergoing life-saving surgery two years ago.

In Aug. 2017, Flair's intestine ruptured and was in a medically induced coma. He also experienced kidney failure and dialysis. Flair was on the verge of dying, but doctors were able to perform a miracle surgery to save his life. Flair was also told he could not drink alcohol again following the procedure.

Since recovering from his surgery, Flair opened up about his decades of partying during his wrestling heydays. Shortly after he was released from the hospital in 2017, Flair admitted he had around 15 drinks a day.

Back in September, a healthy Flair married his long-time girlfriend, Wendy Barlow. Flair returned to WWE in February to celebrate his 70th birthday with many superstars and other wrestling legends, but Batista came out and "attacked" him in storyline - setting up a match with Triple H at WrestleMania 35.

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Flair eventually had a real birthday celebration with many celebrity friends, ranging from current and former star athletes pus other superstars. Simply put, all was well in Flair's world following the life scare.

Flair, widely considered the greatest and most accomplished wrestler in history, is a 16-time World Champion. He was instrumental in putting both the WWE and WCW promotions on the map. Without him, it's impossible to know where the wrestling world would stand today.

What This Means

Flair has become one of the most beloved and respected figures in the sports entertainment history. All thoughts are with Flair and his family right now, and we can only hope for a safe and speedy recovery for the man who cherishes family more than anything else.

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