Ric Flair Risks Upsetting WWE As He Reportedly Seeks To Trademark "The Man"

It looks like WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair has decided that the phrase "The Man" is too valuable to have people using it as freely, with reports claiming that the former superstar is keen on trademarking it.

The phrase has been associated with Flair for several years but current WWE star Becky Lynch has dubbed herself "The Man," while singer Taylor Swift also uses it as the name of a recently released song. The 70-year-old got on Twitter last week, calling out the two celebrities with a very clear message.

“I Hate To Break It To You Both @BeckyLynchWWE And @taylorswift13, But I’m THE MAN!!! And To Be THE MAN, You Gotta Beat THE MAN! WOOOOO! #theman," he wrote.

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Apart from Lynch using the moniker, she has it on lots of WWE merchandise. She probably won't be happy to know that The Nature Boy wants to keep it away from her.

According to Sescoops.com, the trademark filing will cover purposes intended for entertainment services. Wrestling exhibitions and appearances have been both highlighted by the claimant, who would have the right to use the phrase on clothing and various merchandise if he wins.

Becky might not be the only one upset at this. Flair has a very good relationship with WWE and is signed to their Legends program but things might take a negative turn if this is true. "The Man" is making a lot of money for the company too and they would lose out on some of that if Flair gets sole rights to the phrase which Becky has made even more popular over the years.

Of course, this could all be settled by a match between Lynch and Flair's daughter Charlotte. But that's probably not going to happen.

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