Triple H Reveals Ricochet Injury & Status For TakeOver

After hurting his shoulder and sitting out recent live events, Ricochet's status for NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV was announced. It appears Ricochet is a go and will be competing one day before SummerSlam.

"He tweaked himself a little bit in Paris. He’s not injured, we just didn’t want to take a chance with it, and with TakeOver being just down the road a bit here," Triple H said. He added guys like Ricochet and other WWE wrestlers are "thoroughbreds" and bumps and bruises aren't about to stop them. "It is a physical business. And yeah, he just tweaked his shoulders a little bit, but he’s fine."

Those comments were made by Triple H in June. Fortunately, the status hasn't changed. It was noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Ricochet is “wrestler fine” even though the NXT TV shows wrote him out of the spotlight.


That Ricochet would have eventually hurt himself is not a huge surprise. The high-flying daredevil takes uncanny risks everytime he steps into the ring and during an NXT Live event in Paris, where he dove out of the ring, he landed awkwardly. He missed the next event but continued on the next few days and competed at the following NXT: TakeOver. After that, WWE has been taking it easy with him, trying to give him as much recovery time as possible.

In less than two weeks, Ricochet is set to compete in a match against Adam Cole for the NXT Norther American Title and after Aleister Black was announced as out for NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV, there was concern Ricochet might suffer the same fate, drastically changing two of the big draws for the show. Fortunately, it appears NXT will only be one man down.

How injured Ricochet is may be determined by the outcome of that match. Should he not be able to wrestle a full-time schedule and needs more recovery time, it's hard to imagine NXT giving him the title currently held by Cole. If Ricochet is fine, there may be a title change on August 18, 2018.

So too, if the match between Ricochet and Cole is merely ok, something is wrong. In his short time in WWE and NXT, Ricochet has proven he's a safe bet to win the match of the night honors on any show he's a part of.


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