Rising Star Inks New Deal With WWE

WWE is re-signing a bunch of their stars, and now a superstar on the rise just inked a fresh new deal.

Mojo Rawley just re-signed with WWE.

The WWE is currently full of incredible talent, and some of the best independent wrestlers in the history of the business, but there are plenty that have come into the company the old way—either through powerlifting or football (see; Baron Corbin, Big E, Braun Strowman), but one that often goes underrated or underappreciated is Mojo Rawley. In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer noted that Rawley has recently signed a new deal with the WWE. While it’s not as good as the one that Dolph Ziggler reportedly signed, it is a promising sign going forward.



The former football star started with the WWE in 2012 in NXT, and spent his time down there for four years, until he emerged on Smackdown Live as the tag team partner of Zack Ryder, collectively known as The Hype Bros. Since that point, Rawley turned heel and abandoned Ryder, but nothing much has come of it since then, except some tremendous promos being cut online, so we hope that there will eventually be some sort of follow up.

Sure, Rawley might not be the most polished in-ring performer, and his character could definitely use some work, but if the WWE can develop those weaknesses into strengths, we could be looking at a solid mid-card performer for years. With the influx of talent, and no doubt the plethora of call-ups that will come around WrestleMania time, there is a possibility that Rawley gets further lost in the shuffle. Yet, this signing is proof that WWE may have plans in mind for him.

So what do you guys think? Is Rawley ever going to be a good wrestler in the WWE? Is this signing one that could pay off for them? Let us know all your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.


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Rising Star Inks New Deal With WWE