Road Warrior Animal Offers Horrible Advice To The Usos

Road Warrior Animal gave his two cents on the current state of tag team wrestling and had some interesting advice for The Usos.

Tag team wrestling in WWE tends to go in peaks and valleys. For the most part, it's believed Vince McMahon isn't a fan of that form of wrestling. That means pairings and trios have to go that extra mile in order to grab the boss's attention. Even then, they may not get the recognition and television time they deserve.

The SmackDown Live tag division is a prime example of that, in particular New Day and The Usos. The two teams put on great matches time and time again yet still find themselves on PPV kickoff shows. Even worse than that, there are currently tag teams such as Sanity and Gallows & Anderson on the blue brand who we barely ever see.


One of the greatest tag teams in wrestling history was The Road Warriors, and one half of that iconic pairing recently chipped in on what he thinks about the current state of the tag division in WWE. Animal sat down with Hannibal TV and discussed how he thinks there aren't enough teams around today that are just two big guys, and too many odd pairings such as one big wrestler teaming with a smaller guy.

The most interesting tidbit from the interview, which you can watch above in full, was Animal's advice for The Usos. The veteran is not a fan of the twins' Uso Penitentiary gimmick. "I love The Usos, but The Uso Penitentiary – what’s that? You’re Samoan. Be a Samoan!" he exclaimed. Animal said he still spends time with members of the Samoan dynasty and thinks members of it do better in the wrestling industry when they base gimmicks on their heritage.

While Animal obviously knows a thing or two about tag team wrestling, we feel like this particular piece of advice is a little outdated. There was a time in WWE and other promotions when wrestlers from outside of the US were defined by their country of origin. That is thankfully not the case anymore, at least not for the most part. We feel like The Usos in their current form are a lot more likely to succeed than if they were a second coming of The Wild Samoans.


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