Rob Van Dam Talks AEW, Isn't Convinced They're A Threat To The WWE

Rob Van Dam isn't convinced AEW will do much to harm the WWE.

RVD, a very popular wrestler as a result of his time spent in the WWE, TNA and ECW, is partly responsible for the latter blowing up as they experienced their biggest surge when he was around.

The 48-year-old was a recent guest on the WINCLY podcast, where he said he doesn't see similarities between ECW and AEW. He also noted that the new brand is facing an uphill battle as it relates to competing with the WWE and even remaining relevant.


"I don't see it," said RVD, via Wrestling Inc. "I think ECW was a gradual thing…. I don't remember it making a boom out of nowhere like this seems to be.

"As far as the Monday Night Wars goes, c'mon, these guys don't even have a TV deal yet. I wish them all the luck in the world – I hope they do well. Over the years I've seen many companies want to come up and be a competing brand, but eventually, the guy funding it decides he doesn't want to keep losing money and he pulls out….

"They have to prove history wrong that they are different and that they're gonna stick around. People who have a whole lot of money usually don't waste a lot of money. That's why they have money. I'm not saying that they are wasteful but if things aren't set up right and they're paying guys the rumored reports, then they've got to make the money back and I hope they do.

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"I just don't see WWE getting knocked out of its first place position, but history is what it is and I'm all about breaking tradition," said RVD.

Of course, RVD has also been linked to AEW, as has well-nigh every big name out there. But he isn't keen on working too much and is looking to make some big bank if he does take up a gig.

"Money talks," he said after being questioned on his future. "I'm always interested in considering good business, but over the last several years my goal has been to work less, have more time off and make more money.

"I'm really looking to do less and less – travel less. I consider myself semi-retired. At the same time I stay ready, so I don't have to get ready."

What This Means

The former WWE star isn't wrong; AEW has a lot stacked against them. However, they could just as well prove history wrong and go on to have the prime wrestling shows in a few years.

That in itself will be extremely difficult. But the signs are there.


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