The Rock Gave Natalya Great Advice Following Jim Neidhart's Death

Natalya opens up about the passing of her father Jim Neidhart and what The Rock said to her after he heard that she was struggling.

This summer was an extremely sad one for the wrestling business as we lost a lot of big names from the industry in a short space of time. That period was capped off with the sudden passing of Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart. Although Neidhart had been suffering with health issues, it wasn't anything that those close to him believed would ultimately end his life.

A great many fans and wrestlers alike will have been hit hard by the passing of The Anvil, but none of them as much as his WWE Superstar daughter, Natalya. Less than a week after the death of her father, Nattie returned to WWE. The former Women's Champion accompanied her friend Ronda Rousey to the ring while wearing her dad's iconic pink and black jacket.


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Natalya appeared alongside Nia Jax and Lana on Good Day New York this week to promote the upcoming season of Total Divas. While on the show she discussed how she and her family have been coping with the loss of her father. Nattie also spoke about The Rock getting in touch with her, via his cousin Jax, and giving her some advice on how to deal with Neidhart's passing.

"It was finding the right way to say goodbye," Nattie told the show's presenters, before explaining that The Rock told her that she doesn't need to say goodbye. The WWE Superstar turned Hollywood actor told Nattie that she never needs to say goodbye to her dad and that she can keep him with her forever. Clearly, Nattie found the advice from her fellow third generation wrestler helpful and comforting.

Nattie also spent a lot of time discussing Total Divas, as you might expect, and that Neidhart features prominently throughout as he has done during previous seasons. She admitted that it will make the upcoming season of the show tough to watch. Natalya also apologized for the number of photos she will be posting of her dad on Instagram, but we can't imagine anyone will have an issue with that. She will be keeping the memory of her father alive by doing so, hopefully ahead of him being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame.


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