The Rock's Next WWE Appearance Rumored To Be At Raw In Miami

With Raw in Miami next week, Dwayne Johnson promoting his film Skyscraper and Elias pushing his new album, the optics are perfect for a Rock return to WWE. While it hasn't been confirmed, speculation is, Johnson may make an appearance in an already loaded broadcast of the company's flagship show.

This past Monday on Raw, Elias tried multiple times to discuss and promote his new album "Walk With Elias" that recently dropped on iTunes and Spotify. He was interrupted at every turn. But, if he tries again next week and The Rock were to interrupt him, the live Miami crowd would be sure to erupt with excitement.

Teasing the idea that Johnson might show up, Elias called out Johnson on Twitter.


Elias' calling the Rock out may, in fact, be setting the stage for something. Joseph Peisech reported on the latest installment of the No Holds Barred podcast, WWE has actually reached out to Johnson about making an appearance. Joseph said, “The WWE has reached out to Dwayne Johnson. They reached out to him at Skyscraper and since it’s in Miami, don’t be surprised if The Rock shows up to do something with Walk with Elias.”

No announcement has been made by WWE regarding this rumor, nor has Johnson himself hinted at the idea. That won't stop the WWE Universe and insiders from trying to connect the dots and hinting that the circumstances are just right.

One thing in all of this should be noted. If The Rock does show up, it is not expected it will lead to further altercations. The Rock is not rumored to be a part of SummerSlam and this is the first time his name has been brought up in any sort of WWE return. He has mentioned he's excited to get back into a WWE ring but it was not expected that return was coming anytime soon. If he shows, it's likely to be a one-and-done situation.


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