Seems Like The Rock Is A Big Bray Wyatt Fan

Bray Wyatt recently forgave The Rock for their clash at WrestleMania 32, and The People's Champ has responded.

Where oh where is this Bray Wyatt Firefly Funhouse stuff headed? Right now it is really anyone's guess. The lack of presence from the skit and its puppets on WWE TV this week is a little worrying. Or perhaps the puppet cameos were just so well hidden this week that we are yet to find them.

Either way, if the day should come when WWE wants to scrap this idea, Wyatt will not go down without a fight. He has been around for so long without really gaining much traction that this very much feels like a Hail Mary. If you did miss your weekly dose of Wyatt, we'd recommend heading to Twitter. The man the former WWE Champion portrays on the platform is very much an extension of the one we have seen in the Funhouse.

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Wyatt has recently been using Twitter to forgive those who have wronged him in the past. His first port of call? The Rock. Rock and Wyatt came face to face at WrestleMania 32 where the former took a shot at the latter's weight. The new Wyatt has forgiven the future Hall Of Famer for his cruel taunt.

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It took him a week, but Rock has replied. He wrote, "You’re a better man for it and I’m proud of you," when referring to his "frozen pizza pocket vulnerability." Joking aside, Wyatt is clearly in incredible shape right now. We are extremely interested to see how that will transfer to the ring. Here's hoping that happens sooner rather than later. We want to see that terrifying clown mask live on Raw.

Rock signed off by calling Wyatt "bat sh*t crazy" and admitting that he loves his gimmick. It would appear that everyone does except for Vince McMahon. Benefit of the doubt to the chairman, we don't know how he feels about this latest iteration of Wyatt. Not yet. We won't know that until Wyatt returns to live TV and starts wrestling some matches.

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