Exclusive Interview: ROH Star Shane Taylor On Making His Big Man Style Captivating

Being a 350 lb performer, Shane Taylor is naturally going to work a big man style between the ropes, but he wants to make his style as captivating as possible.

There was a time when professional wrestling, and particularly WWE, was known as the land of the giants. All of the top stars were well over six feet tall and hovered around the 300 lb mark, at least. That is no longer the case and hasn't been for a while. However, there is no denying that big men have a big presence in wrestling to this day.

One man who knows all about being a big man in the ring is Ring Of Honor's Shane Taylor. Alongside Keith Lee, Taylor has been shaking up the promotion's tag team division. Since Lee is now an NXT Superstar, Taylor has been going it alone in ROH and in an exclusive interview with The Sportster, he discussed how he tries to make his character and big man style different from everybody else.


During the interview, Taylor brought up the different big man style that Lee shocks crowds with. "When he’s doing huricaranas and topei suicidos, people's jaws drop because they’re not used to seeing those guys do certain things," the ROH star explained. However, he also explained that if everyone Lee's size was doing those moves every week, they wouldn't be nearly as special.

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That's why Taylor takes a different approach to being one of wrestling's big men. "I think one of the biggest things is the intensity I bring to the ring, the presence I bring, the realness I bring, and the attitude," he told The Sportster. It was also extremely interesting to hear how he channels that persona. While most wrestlers admit that who they are on camera is themselves turned up to 11, Taylor takes a slightly different approach. Nowadays he is a family man, a father of one with a second on the way. The man in the ring is who he used to be. "They get to see that turned up to eleven. And they get a small piece of what that was like."

Whether you're familiar with Taylor or you want to be, your next chance to see him in action comes your way this Friday at Glory By Honor. Taylor will be taking on Hangman Page at the event which is available to all Honor Club subscribers. If you're not subscribed to Honor Club yet, simply head to ROHHonorClub.com or download the ROH App which is available on all Apple and Android devices as well as Roku.


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