Exclusive Interview: ROH Star Shane Taylor Takes The Spotlight Very Seriously

Shane Taylor might play a 350 lb monster on Ring Of Honor every week, but he is doing so to inspire the next generation of wrestlers.

Ring Of Honor has become one of the most renowned wrestling promotions in the world for a number of reasons. You need only look at the ROH alumni currently working in WWE to see exactly how prestigious a company it is. The likes of Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, and Samoa Joe all came through ROH and all held the promotion's World Championship.

There are a number of present-day ROH stars who are well on their way to doing the same thing. One man in ROH who perhaps doesn't get the recognition he deserves is Shane Taylor. He is definitely someone who should be on your wrestling radar. He is currently making a splash in ROH and as he told The Sportster this week, he is dead set on winning championships and doing a lot more.


via RING OF HONOR/Roy Harper

During an exclusive interview with The Sportster, Taylor discussed what it was like growing up in a rough neighborhood. "Coming from the background I come from, you don’t get to really see people achieve things outside of certain areas in life," he explained, also adding "you don’t see a lot of wrestling success where I come from." It's why he takes his career as a pro wrestler so seriously.

"For me, being an example, and being someone people can see as an alternative to how they’re portrayed in media and sports is something I take very seriously, and I take a lot of pride in" Taylor went on to say. "So I would love when a five or 10-year-old kid is sitting at home on the bad side of town watching Ring of Honor, and he sees me not being a thug or gangster, or pimp, or not being some singing dancing clown, he can see an intelligent, violent, if necessary [laughs], man, athlete, performer that he can relate to, that he can look up to. It doesn’t mean I’m always going to be the good guy, but it means I have the ability to do anything that anybody else can do and be the best at it without compromising my integrity."

Taylor hasn't held any titles in ROH so far, but his ultimate goal is to hold every championship that the promotion has to offer. Most of his work to date has been in ROH's tag team division alongside Keith Lee who has now moved on to NXT. As for the immediate future, Taylor will be taking on Hangman Page at Glory By Honor on Friday, Oct. 12, 2018. The event streams live worldwide for all HonorClub members at 8e/5p. Honor Club is available at ROHHonorClub.com or the ROH App on all Apple and Android devices, and Roku.


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