WWE Reveals Roman Reigns' Attacker On SmackDown Live

SmackDown Live went off the air with the reveal of Roman Reigns' attacker. Or at least we think that's what happened.

Considering the amount of coverage the attack on Roman Reigns has been getting, it feels as if it happened months ago. The first attempt on The Big Dog's life actually only happened a little more than a week ago. Things escalated when someone tried to run Reigns down in a car this past Monday night on Raw.

The finger of accusation has been pointed in quite a few directions over the course of the past week. Samoa Joe did not take too kindly to being a part of that list. That's inadvertently how the former US Champion wound up with a front-row seat to the attempted murder of Reigns on Raw. Luckily for Joe, being an onlooker to the event cleared his name.

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On SmackDown Live this week, Reigns went looking for his attacker. He started his search with the only person he knows was at the scene last week, Buddy Murphy. A cocky Murphy informed Reigns that he is not responsible for the attacks, and also that if he knew who was, he wouldn't tell him. That understandably caused The Big Dog to snap and try to physically get an answer from the former Cruiserweight Champion.

Eventually, Murphy gave up whats he knows and revealed the only other person he saw at the scene. Rowan. The former Wyatt Family member was conveniently in the ring at the time, watching all of this unfold on the titantron. Rowan seemed unphased by the revelation, while his tag partner Daniel Bryan nervously stared down at the mat. With that, the show went off the air.

So what does this all mean? One of the lead suspects in this mystery was Bryan. Perhaps the former WWE Champion has been having Rowan do his dirty work for him. The look on Bryan's face at the end of SmackDown would certainly suggest that. It could also be linked to the announcement Bryan has been trying to make. If so, and all these things are linked, kudos to WWE for meticulously planning something out for once.

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