The Reveal Of Roman Reigns' Attacker Raised More Questions Than Answers

Daniel Bryan teased the reveal of Roman Reigns' attacker throughout this week's SmackDown. When he did, we became more confused than ever.

The mystery person behind the attacks on Roman Reigns is the thread that keeps on giving. It started before SummerSlam, yet has continued on well past the PPV. First, we thought the culprit was Samoa Joe, then Buddy Murphy, after that Rowan, and perhaps even Daniel Bryan. Those last two names have not taken kindly to the accusations.

Bryan and Rowan were so offended by Murphy pointing the finger of blame at them that they went on the hunt for the real attacker themselves. Bryan promised Reigns that he would find his attacker and bring them to him on SmackDown this week. The former WWE Champion delivered on that promise. Or, at least we think he did.

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Early on in the episode, Bryan and Rowan were shown leading a man with his head and face covered into a room. They sat him down and then went about their business for the night. That included a match for Bryan against Murphy, which he lost. After that, and a further attack on Murphy, the pair returned to the room with their captive, who was still sat with his head covered, waiting patiently.

We would have to wait to the very end of the show to discover who it was under the hood. Reigns arrived, and the big reveal could take place. Turns out, it was a man who looks incredibly like Rowan. As in he's big, bald, and has a long ginger beard. The unnamed man looked pretty scared, although so would we in that situation. SmackDown then went off the air with Reigns looking incredibly confused. We're right there with you Big Dog.

The way we see it, this angle is about to go one of two ways. Bryan and Rowan have found a lookalike to pin the blame on even though it was Rowan behind the attacks. Or, someone else hired this Rowan twin so that they could hurt Reigns but not get the blame for it. Personally, we prefer the second option. It'll allow for the storyline to unfold even more and means that we still don't know who is responsible for all of this.

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