Roman Reigns Calls WWE An Alpha-Male Run Lion's Den

During our one-on-one interview with Roman Reigns, he called WWE a lion's den where those who want to be in WWE and reach the top of the industry can't be afraid to crack a few eggs on their way up.

The Sportster spoke with Roman Reigns while he was promoting the film Hobbs and Shaw that opens up on August 2, 2019. His partnership with Brisk "Cans of Whup Ass" allowed us a few moments to chat with him and I asked if wrestling was different than filming the movie. He said that filmmaking had a magical pull that was different from WWE.

Reigns explained:

"Once you get where I'm at now, you want to take care of your investment. You want to make sure what you've invested in looks good, but, there is a competition and it is a lion's den and to get to the top you can't be scared to crack a few eggs."

He added, "There's so many guys that want to be that lead guy, there's so many ultra alpha males, which in turn creates that competition which I think helps someone like me." This isn't for everyone and some guys buckle under the pressure but Roman thrives in that environment.

He added:

"I've always been a creature of competition, someone who always wants to rise to the occasion. So for people who are trying to get within the sports entertainment business and be in WWE and be at the very top of the industry, you have to thrive on that competition and you can't be scared to get scarred here and there and people are going to go for your head here and there, you have to be willing to stand in there , stand in that box and swing for the fences every single time."

What This Means

Roman has always wanted to be the guy. He has a good role model in The Rock to follow. Dwayne Johnson was the man for a long time and now he's the biggest star in Hollywood. Roman didn't say whether or not he has those aspirations but he did describe a movie set as a place that everyone is out to make everyone else look like a star.

There's probably only a few guys in WWE who are like that these days.

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