Roman Reigns Pours His Heart Out About Dean Ambrose's WWE Departure

As we inch ever closer to Dean Ambrose's WWE departure, Roman Reigns has made one last plea in an attempt to get his friend to stay.

There is only one thing on the mind of all wrestling fans right now. WrestleMania weekend. Whether you are still coming down from last night's NXT TakeOver, prepping for the big show tomorrow night, or excited for anything else going on this weekend, the eyes of the industry are all on New York right now. We'll have the opportunity to watch pretty much anyone who's anyone in the business perform over the course of the weekend.

The only wrestler we are pretty much guaranteed not to see perform this weekend is Dean Ambrose. Earlier this year, WWE revealed that it and Ambrose could not come to terms on a new contract. That means when his current deal runs out this month, he'll be headed for pastures new. That also means The Lunatic naturally has no place on the WrestleMania card.


The news about Ambrose broke while Roman Reigns was away from WWE battling leukemia. The two are good friends behind the scenes, hence The Big Dog's apparent attempts to get Ambrose to stay since he returned to the fray. Gorilla Position caught up with Reigns in New York and asked about the rumors that everyone wants The Lunatic to stay.

Reigns then took the opportunity to make an emotional plea to his friend to stay in WWE in what might well be a last ditch attempt. The former Universal Champion even joked that he would buy him Jack Daniels and beer every single night. Ultimately though, Reigns went on to admit that he just wants his friend to be happy. He labeled Ambrose one of the hardest workers in the business and stated that whoever he works for will be lucky to have him.

During these early days of AEW's existence, even though it has not been confirmed that Ambrose will end up there, The Lunatic is the biggest of WWE's early casualties. Chris Jericho signing with AEW will have hurt Vince McMahon, but Y2J hasn't been an active WWE Superstar for a while. If Ambrose does follow through with leaving WWE and pops up in AEW, that will be seen as an extremely major coup by the latter.


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