Roman Reigns Wins ESPY Award For Best WWE Moment

Roman Reigns' surprise return to the ring after having to relinquish the Universal title late last year has earned the WWE superstar a shiny accolade.

The 34-year-old was in receipt of the 2019 ESPY Award for best WWE moment on Wednesday night following his battle with leukemia.

Reigns revealed having been diagnosed with the cancer in October last year, giving his belt up in the process. He would also disclose that he was first diagnosed back in 2008.

It did not take the star long to return to Raw, however. An announcement in February sent shockwaves through the WWE Universe as Reigns stood in the middle of a ring and told the crowd, "The good news is, I'm in remission y'all".

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The surprising comeback saw him handed an ESPY this week, something he says he's very thankful for. The wrestler has since tweeted out his appreciation and gratitude to those who offered prayers up on his behalf and the people who voted for him.

"Coming back meant more than just returning to the ring. It meant I was healthy enough to show my gratitude for those who sent their prayers, who continually thought about me, and that I was ready to raise awareness," he wrote. "Thank you for all those who voted, it is an honor."

This was the first time the Best WWE Moment was awarded on the red carpet.

"For to me just to be able to be healthy was the only award I needed," Reigns said, via WWE.com.

This is just so flattering for everyone to kind of lift me up and show me that support system and love from everybody. It was never about awards or anything like that. It was just about awareness, it was just about sharing my story and hopefully, someone could use it for a little bit of hope."

Reigns' story is one of the most inspirational wrestling fans have ever been treated too, more so because there was nothing scripted about it. The Big Dog fully deserves his award; we at TheSportster wish him continued good health and many more years in the ring.

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