Roman Reigns Comments On LeBron James' Struggles in Los Angeles

WWE superstar Roman Reigns has weighed in on LeBron James' failed first season with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Reigns, who recently returned to the ring following a leukemia-forced hiatus, is a huge Lakers and San Francisco 49ers fan and has been paying close attention to James and his struggles in the purple and gold.

The three-time champion moved to L.A from the Cleveland Cavaliers last summer, joining the legendary NBA franchise with loads of expectation. However, he will be missing the playoffs for the first time in 13 years.

To be fair, the Lakers were doing pretty well before LeBron went down injured during his team's Christmas Day win over the champion Golden State Warriors. But his failure to drag them back into contention for post-season play has left him on the end of some major criticism.

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Reigns, though, does not seem to think that the four-time MVP is to blame for the team's failures and says that the people around him need to step up.

"LeBron has been so good over the years that the statement has been, 'If LeBron is on your team, you're going to the Finals.' That's a huge responsibility and sometimes it's not fair to him," the wrestler said during an appearance on ESPN's First Take on Tuesday.

"He's had an unbelievable career, but it's time that everybody around him steps up. He's not a spring chicken, he's not a young man anymore. He's been doing it for a long time, grinding for many years, so I think everyone has to step up and step up to his level, but I think it goes on the team."

Asked if he thinks LeBron is the best player in the world, Reigns didn't go as far. But he did make a claim for the Lakers forward being among the top three players currently in the NBA.

What This Means

This season has been a trying one for the Lakers, who are going to miss the playoffs for the sixth straight year. That was supposed to be a thing of the past after they snagged James in free agency last year. But it remains a work in progress and they will hope to land another player with superstar credentials to propel them past the regular season in their 2019/20 campaign.

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