Roman Reigns Isn't Being Used In Full-Time Role Right Now

Roman Reigns returned to WWE in February after missing several months due to Leukemia diagnosis, and the company has only used him sparingly since he made the emotional comeback.

According to wrestling journalist Tom Colohue, WWE isn't using Reigns in a full-time role right now, even though he was hoping "to be back straight away." WWE has decided to have Reigns "protected" by limiting his workload - by means of tag team matches and short bouts altogether.

Looking back at Reigns' most recent matches, you will notice that a large portion of them have been tag team matches. He and The Undertaker defeated Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre at last week's Extreme Rules pay-per-view match. The Deadman delivered plenty of the damage against the opponents, thus easing Reigns' workload.

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Reigns also took part in the 10-man battle royal on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw to determine the No. 1 contender for Brock Lesnar's Universal Championship. Seth Rollins, Reigns' long-time friend and former Shield counterpart, emerged victorious.

The next day, Reigns took part in Shane O'Mac's "town hall meeting" on SmackDown Live, where the commissioner answered questions from the superstars. Reigns confronted Shane and made it clear that "nobody in this rooms respects" him.

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Reigns has teamed up with various partners to go up against McIntyre and McMahon. Not only that, but he also joined The Usos for a handful of six-man tag team matches back in May and June. Indeed, WWE is committed to protecting Reigns and watching how much work he actually does in the ring.

So far, a match hasn't been announced for Reigns at the Aug. 11 SummerSlam pay-per-view, but that could change in short time. If he does compete in Toronto, there's a good chance it'll be a tag team bout.

What This Means

It's smart of WWE to take things slowly with Reigns here. He deserves plenty of credit for wanting to get back into it right away, but the company has to be careful with how they handle him. The fact Reigns was able to return to wrestling in short time was impressive enough, and it hopefully won't be long until he's able to go full-time again.

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