Roman Reigns Opens Up On His Relationship With Jon Moxley Since WWE Departure

Roman Reigns doesn't think his working relationship with Jon Moxley will be the same following the superstar's departure from WWE earlier this year.

Moxley, who wrestled under the name Dean Ambrose during his WWE days, was a star attraction due to his affiliation with The Shield, a group made up by the trio of Reigns, Seth Rollins and the now All Elite Wrestling performer.

Mox has been quite critical of WWE since his exit, drawing some backlash from Rollins. And Reigns is now weighing in.

The Samoan spoke to Sports Illustrated in a recent interview - which will be published in full this Tuesday - and claimed that the working relationship between them likely won't be the same.

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"I don't think our working relationship is going to be what it used to be, but I'll always love that guy, he'll always be my close friend, and I wish the best for him.

"We have a brotherhood, so I'm always cheering for him. I've shared so many great moments with Ambrose, or Mox. We have a love for each other well beyond the wrestling, and it will always be that way."

Reigns, who was also interviewed by The Sportster last month, doesn't believe that AEW is a legitimate threat to WWE. In fact, he says it's foolish for anyone to think so but does rate the new promotion as an "option" for a cheque.

"Is it another option? Sure. For wrestlers around the world and in the locker room, (even WWE's) AEW is "another option and another place to get a cheque," he declared.

"I'm never against optimism but I think you have foolish thoughts if you really think there's a comparison or actual competition. Just an option, which isn't a bad thing."

Well, there's no way a working relationship is going to remain the same if two people stop working the same place, that much is obvious. But the relationship between Reigns, Rollins and Moxley does go further than wrestling, although there might be a little bitterness between the latter pair based on recent developments. We imagine they'll always be good friends, however.

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