Roman Reigns Responds To Jon Moxley's Attacks Against WWE Creative

Ever since he joined AEW, Jon Moxley has opened up about the frustrations and problems in WWE that led to his departure.

Moxley has taken aim at Vince McMahon and the WWE creative team. Back in May, he appeared on Talk is Jericho and went on a giant rant against his former promotion. Moxley said "Vince is the problem," and that he wanted to "prove that Vince's way sucks."

Not only that, but Moxley also criticized Vince for not listening to the ideas of other superstars. Finally, Moxley ripped WWE for giving him nothing more than $500 for performing at The Shield's Final Chapter.

In an interview with ESPN.com, Roman Reigns - Moxley's former Shield partner - responded to the comments made by his long-time friend. The Big Dog emphasized that he loves Moxley "to death," and claimed he's still "my brother," but that he doesn't agree with the comments made against the WWE creative process.

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"I'll tell you straight-up: I disagree with what [Dean] Ambrose said about the creative process," Reigns said. "I love the guy...And wrestling ain't gonna stop that. On a personal level, me and that dude can hang out, have a beer or two and just talk. And even when we don't talk, that's just our relationship."

Reigns also said suggested that a disgruntled superstar like Moxley needs to let the "boss" know about his opinions and ideas - while adding that Vince now "listens to everything" The Big Dog says.

"Regardless, I love the dude, man," Reigns said. "We came from the bottom and got to where we are now, and he's a huge part of that...We're all gonna do our thing...I enjoy being with the WWE. I'll never be anywhere else."

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Reigns isn't the first WWE superstar to respond to Moxley's criticism of the company. Seth Rollins - the other member of The Shield - called it "a little presumptuous" for Moxley to "talk down about the company that gave him such an opportunity." It was later suggested that Vince essentially told Rollins to respond to Moxley's comments.

It's no surprise that Reigns and Rollins are the two superstars that have fired back at Moxley's comments. After all, they know him better than anybody else inside the WWE locker room. Not only that, but Rollins and Reigns are supposedly being relied upon to "lead the charge" against AEW.

What This Means

If Moxley makes more critical comments against WWE, you can bet that Reigns and Rollins will respond in short time. Vince obviously can't be pleased about the negative words from one of his former main event stars, but he'll always have Rollins and Reigns to defend the product. Whether or not Moxley is done calling out the WWE remains to be seen, but if he does, you can bet his former Shield counterparts will respond.

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