Roman Reigns To Appear On WWE Raw, Update Leukemia Status

Roman Reigns will be returning to Raw next Monday and after four months away from WWE programming, he'll update the WWE Universe on his battle with leukemia.

It was WWE Chairman Vince McMahon who used Twitter to make the announcement, which was followed up by WWE.com who added a story to their website on the news saying:"

Last October, Roman Reigns (Joe Anoa’i) revealed to the WWE Universe that he would be stepping away from WWE — and relinquishing the Universal Championship — to focus on his battle with leukemia, an illness that had returned 11 years after his initial diagnosis.today to announce the appearance. On Monday, The Big Dog returns to provide an update on his treatment, live in Atlanta.

They then asked the question, what will Reigns say? He's been away for over four months and no doubt, the WWE Universe will tune in to see if Reigns is doing better or if there's any chance at all he could be back in time for WrestleMania 35. While there's been no report of Reigns returning, the triple powerbomb delivered to Braun Strowman by Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley might have been foreshadowing that a Reigns return wasn't far off. Will his return have something to do with that trio and will Reigns team up in some way with Strowman?

When McMahon addressed the news, he called Roman a fighter, classy and said that he was proud. Reigns received a lot of similar support when he first made the announcement on Raw and had to give up the Universal Title that Brock Lesnar now holds.

While he hasn't wrestled since, Reigns hasn't been completely inactive since leaving Raw back in October. He filmed scenes for The Rock's "Hobbs & Shaw" movie and he looks to be in fantastic shape.

What This Means

While there might be hope Reigns will be announcing his return, fans might not want to get overly excited or expect too much too soon. The disease Reigns is fighting is no joke and while WWE would love to add him and his drawing power to a relatively lacking card for WrestleMania 35, it makes absolutely no sense to rush him before he's ready.

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