Why Ronda Rousey Is Getting Preferential Promo Treatment By WWE Creative

Speculation is that Ronda Rousey's scathing promo on Raw — the one where she took some fairly direct pot shots at the Bellas — was written by Rousey herself. If true, it's a deviation from the norm in WWE where creative writers have a tendency to over-script a number of the segments delivered by WWE Superstars these days. So too, if true, it makes sense the promo was so well received by the WWE Universe and felt "real" when delivered by the former UFC Champion who is not a huge fan of women getting by exclusively on their looks.

Let's ignore for a second the merit of arguing Nikki Bella is more than just a pretty face. It can be argued, that for a long time, Nikki was the face of the WWE Divas Division and very much improved her work in the ring. Her accomplishments can't be ignored. But, the bigger question might be, why was Ronda Rousey allowed to write her own promo?

In a world where Roman Reigns has been diluted down into something many fans have learned to hate or a guy like Brock Lesnar isn't allowed to speak more than two words without his advocate setting him up, it seems strange that Rousey would be allowed free reign over her promo. After all, she's one of the least experienced Superstars in WWE, male or female.

Here are a few reasons why WWE might be taking a different approach.

Rousey Is A Unique Star

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Ronda Rousey is a special talent in WWE. She's unlike anything WWE has ever brought into the company before and because of this, the typical rules might not apply.

In every instance where Rousey is being used, WWE is watching closely. They made sure her first match in WWE was a tag match with a number of veterans surrounding her. When she was put into her first singles match, she was put in with a veteran. Her bouts have been short, her segments well planned and she's been guided along the way, so as to ensure success with each appearance.

That said, with that comes a little leeway. In any sport where you have a star, you extend a bit more rope. If Rousey feels passionate about something — and speculation is that she was keenly interested in talking about women getting ahead based on looks and working in her catchphrase "do nothing bit^%es" — it is wise for WWE to encourage her input. Giving her the sense she's welcome to include her two cents gets her motivated to stay passionate about what she's doing for WWE.


WWE Learned From Roman Reigns

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Another argument can be made that perhaps WWE is learning from their past mistakes. A different approach was taken with Roman Reigns and WWE tried to manage every word that came out of the Big Dog's mouth. The result was a character that felt disingenuine, corny, and unrealistic and WWE presented a personality to the WWE Universe the fans didn't buy into.

Reigns was supposed to be a huge deal, the next big star and the future of the company. The way the crowd chewed him up and spit him back at the company might have opened the eyes of the creative team and Vince McMahon. This is not a mistake WWE can afford to repeat with Rousey.


Rousey Is A Huge Investment For WWE

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Call her a crossover star, the future of the Women's Division, or a mainstream attraction, Rousey is a huge investment for WWE. Some have likened her to the next Stone Cold Steve Austin and what made Austin so popular was the fact he said what everyone was feeling. Austin was believable. He was the voice of the people. The company can't afford to get it wrong.

Rousey needs to be presented in a way the fans will accept her. Her promo on the Bellas really spoke to what the Women's Division has moved away from and represented how the ladies in the locker room are wanting to be projected today. If Rousey is seen as the voice of the people, she becomes an icon for the WWE Universe and an ATM machine for WWE.

Remember, it wasn't long ago that Rousey was viewed as an outsider, even by her fellow female competitors in WWE. The more she speaks to what they might be thinking, the more she's welcomed by the rest of her peers. This is nothing but a good thing for WWE.


Rousey Is The Boss

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When we discussed here at TheSportster why Rousey might be getting different treatment than everyone else, one of our writers suggested it was because "Rousey was the boss." Perhaps, in a way, he's right.

It's potentially easy to over-analyze all of this. For all we know, Rousey has a lot more pull towards her character than we think and WWE sees her as someone you simply let do what she wants. This might not be the best thing for Sasha Banks who was previously known as "The Boss", but it's great for Rousey.

If Rousey is willing to take guidance from WWE and is open to learning but knows she's got carte blanche to do her thing, we should all sit back and enjoy her progression. She's only bound to get better. I feel sorry for the Bellas. You ladies are in trouble.


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