Ronda Rousey Could Return To WWE Sooner Than Planned Following Paul Heyman's Appointment

It is believed that Ronda Rousey could fashion a return to WWE sooner rather than later.

The former Raw Women's champion hasn't wrestled since losing the belt to Becky Lynch at WrestleMania earlier this year and it was reported as having taken a year off to fulfill her dream of starting up her own family with her husband Travis Browne.

However, Sportskeeda is claiming that the UFC Hall of Famer is likely to return sooner than planned so she could work with Paul Heyman.

Heyman was recently appointed as the executive director of the Raw brand and, having worked with him on promos before, Rousey is said to be keen on heading back to WWE given his new position.

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Earlier this week, Ronda posted a video to her YouTube channel titled "Ronda Misses It". The two-minute clip shows the former champ pinning her husband in bed and cutting a promo on a random jar from her refrigerator.

WWE Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley also featured near the end of the video, with Ronda pretend jumping from a ladder and hitting Browne - who was set up on a folding table - with an elbow.

Ronda quite clearly enjoyed her year-long run with WWE and probably can't wait to go back. The promotion, on the other hand, appears to be going all out as of late, possibly in response to AEW's emergence.

The Undertaker has since returned to help with ratings and bringing Rousey back could also assist in that regard. SmackDown's move to Fox would also be helped by Rousey's presence. While she'd prefer working with Heyman at Raw, the Wild Card rule would allow her to appear on the blue brand as well.

There's also the fact that she has unfinished business with Lynch. Things looked pretty personal between the two ahead of WrestleMania and Ronda would probably love another pop at the feisty Irishwoman.

The potential new-look WWE would also be the perfect fit for someone like Rousey. It's been reported that the company is set to do away with the PG Era and the signs are already there. The new Attitude Era needs a Baddest Woman on the Planet - plus she seems to really enjoy swearing. So why not?

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