Why Ronda Rousey Wasn't Given The Stretcher Treatment At Survivor Series

Ronda Rousey suffered quite the beatdown at Survivor Series, yet she still managed to walk back to the locker room completely unaided.

We think that most of you reading this will agree that WWE Survivor Series was quite the show. From the terrific 10 v 10 match on the kickoff show to the main event between Brock Lesnar and Daniel Bryan, there was a lot to get excited about. The highlight of the night for most was the match between Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair.

Considering the two of them had just five days to prepare for their match, what they pulled off was actually pretty remarkable. The biggest mystery for fans was how it was going to end. Very few of us could envision either woman losing clean. That's why The Queen eventually got herself disqualified. The beating went well beyond that first hit with a kendo stick, though.


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Flair completely snapped. The vicious beatdown ended with her stamping on a steel chair she had placed around Rousey's neck. It's a spot that most wrestling fans have likely seen a number of times before. However, the move normally results in the recipient being severely injured, as part of a storyline, and disappearing for a while. That doesn't seem to be the case for Rousey.

Not only did The Rowdy One not need a stretcher as most would, she actually walked back to the locker room of her own accord. Dave Meltzer speculated on Wrestling Observer Radio that Vince McMahon had Rousey leave in this way to keep her looking strong. Meltzer also believes that there will be an injury angle, but not one that will keep the Raw Women's Champion off television.

There is really nothing to gain for WWE by having Rousey leave on a stretcher and/or disappear from WWE TV for a while. What creative has set up by having this match go down the way it did is a potentially better than we're expecting match at TLC. Rousey will presumably defend her title against Nia Jax at that event, maybe even before that. If she is still nursing injuries, it will give a legitimate reason for Jax to get in more offense, thus allowing for a more even match.


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