Ronda Rousey To Join Cast of Total Divas Amidst Contract Speculation

It is being reported by Squared Circle Sirens that Ronda Rousey will be joining the cast of Total Divas as cameras were at her farm recently.

While Rousey has not confirmed the report publicly and WWE has not made an announcement, the Squared Circle Sirens site is writing, "we can confirm through different sources within the company that she has had Total Divas cameras at her farm the last few weeks, filming for upcoming episodes." Sonya Deville was also announced as having joined the cast of the show.

This is an interesting development for Rousey's character if true. Not exactly the prototypical "Diva" you would see join a show like Total Divas, Rousey has been portrayed as a bit of loner outside of her relationship with Natalya. Perhaps it is her friendship with Natalya that has convinced her to give the show a try.

A natural on camera, Rousey should bring a big boost to the show's ratings if she plays a regular role but the timing is also interesting as there have been recent rumblings about when her contract expires, if she wants to leave WWE temporarily to start a family and that she'll not re-sign if Chris Cyborg is brought in by WWE (a rumor that has popped up in recent weeks.)

What This Means

It will be interesting to see how the fans take to her involvement on the show. The WWE Universe has already seemingly turned on Rousey in a major way, cheering instead of Becky Lynch. Now that Charlotte has been added to the main event match at WrestleMania 35, perhaps fans will jump back on the Rousey train but something tells us Lynch isn't out of it yet.

How significant of a role Rousey will play in the show has yet to be announced.

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