[Rumor] AEW Signs Former WCW Announcer To Improve Commentary

According to a report on Wrestling Observer Radio, former WWF, WCW and TNA commentator Tony Schiavone has been signed by AEW in an attempt to improve their commentary team and add a little more credibility to the broadcast booth.

Schiavone currently spends time on commentary for Major League Wrestling (MLW) and these days he can most recently be heard as a podcast host with the popular Conrad Thompson on a show called What Happened When. But, for a long time, Schiavone was known as the voice of WCW as their play-by-play commentator on its flagship Monday Nitro show between 1990 and 2001.

As AEW moves closer to their debut on TNT, adding more talent is important. This is especially true of the broadcast team considering the critics being harsher on the announce team and the poor job they've been doing on AEW pay-per-views. This, of course, does not include Jim Ross, who most people believe has been the only good thing about AEW's announce team.

Needless to say, improving their announcer profiles was critical as AEW headed into producing weekly two-hour tv shows on TNT.

What This Means

Schiavone will help boost an area of weakness for AEW in a major way. Some may argue that this won't do much for AEW as Schiavone isn't exactly relevant or a big-name talent these days, but there is also a report WWE offered the former WCW announcer a deal as well. Schiavone turned down WWE, instead jumping on the opportunity to join AEW.

PWInsider is reporting that the deal was made on Thursday and that he will continue to work alongside MLW as a commentator.

Where do you sit on the Schiavone signing? In his own words, as Schiavone once famously said about Mick Foley, will this put butts in the seats for AEW? Or, is this actually a good move by a company that drastically needed to improve an area of weakness?

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