Austin Aries’ Post-Match Meltdown Rumored To Be Storyline Inspired By Brian Pillman

There is still uncertainty over whether what Austin Aries did at Bound For Glory was all part of the show or a case of the wrestler going off script.

In the brief periods where the wrestling industry hasn't been fixated on WWE Crown Jewel for the past week, the buzz has largely surrounded Austin Aries and Johnny Impact. Impressive for a rivalry based entirely within Impact Wrestling. The reason the pair's animosity between each other has been grabbing headlines is because no one can tell whether it's real or simply an angle.

It all started with a heated dispute on Twitter. Aries didn't take kindly to a short joke Impact made and responded with some pretty controversial comments about his rival and his wife, Taya Valkyrie. The two of them then clashed at the Impact Hall Of Fame, and the cherry on the cake came after their Impact World Title match at Sunday night's Bound For Glory.


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After being hit with Impact's finisher and losing the championship, A-Double no sold the move by leaping to his feet and heading straight back to the locker room. He also yelled some choice words at Impact Wrestling EVP Don Callis and flipped off the crowd as he left. Rumors since then have suggested that Aries is done with the company, but perhaps that is all a part of the show too.

According to SEScoops, those at Impact who were not directly involved in BFG's main event were not informed of how the match was going to end. That would suggest the whole angle might have been planned and purposely kept under wraps. Other sources in the company have told SEScoops that Aries wants to play out his own Loose Cannon angle. An ode to what Brian Pillman did during the '90s, and it started on Sunday at BFG.

For those unfamiliar with what Pillman did back then, he was 'fired' from WCW so that he could go to ECW and generate interest and heat. Speculation is that Aries will now do that with Impact once they claim to have parted ways with him. He can then show up in rival promotions such as Ring Of Honor and when he does show up in Impact again, it will be an extremely big deal.


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