[Rumor] Bray Wyatt Character To Take Significant Shift On Raw

So far, fans have only seen the new Bray Wyatt character in videos during Raw and SmackDown since returning. His Firefly Fun House segments have taken the WWE Universe by storm, but at some point, WWE will need to transition him from the videos to the ring.

This Monday, WWE might be offering fans a glimpse at how they intend to tackle just that.

PWInsider is reporting that Bray Wyatt is scheduled to be at Monday’s Raw for WWE this week. While it’s not clear if he’ll be appearing live in front of the WWE crowd and participating in the ring, it does seem something different will be happening. In other words, the belief is that Bray will do more than just appear in a video and he might show up to wrestle.

Wyatt's social media tweets suggest something more than just a normal episode of FireFly Fun House as well. His videos have been changing from week to week but that won't be enough if Wyatt wants to take the next step.  Perhaps there's a plan. Saying the Fiend will be “ready”, it sounds like he's about to make a major shift in direction for his character(s).

What This Means

Many fans have been curious as to how WWE will move forward with the Wyatt character. If he's going to show up for the live audience and actually wrestle, a number of questions will be answered this Monday.

There might be a version of this character that doesn't jump into a wrestling match right away but instead offers up a live version of his show in front of the crowd. If MizTv or The Kevin Owens Show can do big things for those respective WWE Superstars, there's no telling what Wyatt can do with his own show.

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